Newark & Sherwood CVS is a support and development organisation, promoting and encouraging local voluntary activity in the Newark & Sherwood area.

Being at the heart of our communities, listening to their needs and speaking up for them is our driving force and we deliver a wide range of services in partnership with other voluntary and community sector organisations.

We also work with local authorities, public service providers, business and community groups to deliver specific projects where our experience and connections are called upon.

Newark & Sherwood CVS Core Functions

CVS carries out the five core functions of a Community and Voluntary Service:


Identifying local need and working with others to develop appropriate action.


Providing groups and individuals with access to a range of services. E.g. volunteering, information provision, practical resources and networks.


Enabling the local voluntary and community sector to present its views to local authorities and other public agencies.


Developing and maintaining links with a wide range of voluntary and community organisations and the promotion of cross-sector relationships with local authority departments, the health authority and private sector.

Strategic Partnerships

Enabling groups to engage in partnership work with other agencies to develop good networks, create solutions to specific problems and share resources.