Customer Care

NEWARK & SHERWOOD CVS                                                                                                                                

1. Customer Care Policy

2. Commitment Statement

All Newark and Sherwood CVS Policies are to be complied with by CVS staff, Trustees and volunteers (as appropriate) at all times and in connection with all aspects of the organisation’s work.

3. Customer Care Policy Statement

Our customers are those using the services of Newark and Sherwood CVS

As Newark and Sherwood CVS is a voluntary organisation and registered charity – we prefer to refer to our customers as `service users`

No organisation is perfect all the time, but an effective organisation aims to meet high standards most of the time.

N&S CVS aims to:

  • Provide an office service open to local groups and volunteers from 10:00am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Take answer phone messages off the phone, every morning, by 10:30am
  • Respond to phone calls and e-mails within two working days
  • Respond to letters within five working days of receipt
  • Respond to requests for information within five working days or if the information required is particularly complex let the service user know within five working days when a full response will be provided
  • Signpost to appropriate organisations, where we do not offer a service, within three working days.
  • Offer groups an appointment for a one to one funding advice session within ten working days of the request being received (unless a later date is mutually acceptable)
  • Offer potential volunteers a volunteer interview within 10 working days
  • Treat all information in one to one sessions or in volunteer interviews as confidential and not pass any information on to any other agency except with the prior permission of the service user or individual volunteer concerned
  • Provide information to our service users in a variety of formats and allow our service users to choose whether to receive information by post or through e-mail
  • N&S CVS does not currently have the facility to provide information in community languages or in specific formats for people with disabilities but where our service users request this we will refer them to other local agencies who may be able to provide these
  • Hold additional meetings, events and volunteer interviews outside these times when our service users request them(subject to our resources and staff time)
  • Ensure our offices and all venues used by N&SCVS are accessible to people with disabilities or with mobility problems
  • Deal with all our service users with professionalism, politeness, courtesy and respect
  • Deal with all our service users on an equal basis regardless of race, sex, disability, age, refugee status, health status or sexual orientation and provide an equal service to groups regardless of the size of the group or area in which they work
  • Monitor take up of our services by different service users (including equalities monitoring) and where necessary change our services and policies to reflect users’ needs and ensure equal access
  • Operate a complaints and compliments procedure and make this available in our office and to any service user who requests it

4. Compliance Statement

In order to ensure compliance with the above policy statements, the Manager of Newark & Sherwood CVS will have responsibility for ensuring that:

  • All staff are aware of and adhere to our key customer commitments.
  • The implementation of the Customer Care Policy is inherent in the planning processes for the services and operations of Newark & Sherwood CVS.
  • Complaints about the provision of services are dealt with quickly and fairly by the complaints procedure.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation

  •  CVS staff will regularly review this Customer Care Policy and report on and implement actions which remedy any deficiencies found in the day to day activities of the business which may impact on the quality of service provided.
  • CVS Executive Committee will review the overall policy on a bi-annual basis.
  • CVS will review and update the Customer Care Policy, at least every two years, in consultation with our service users. 
  • CVS will make copies of this policy available to any service user who requests it. 

April 2016