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    17 October 2016

    People’s Health Trust – HealthRegard Funding Available

    HealthRegard, covers Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, is currently open for funding. You can access further information about the funding here: http://dmtrk.net/10CZ-4I2PI-60KF6H009C/cr.aspx.

    We support not-for-profit organisations and are looking for projects that are designed and run by local people and based in small and local areas in fundable neighbourhoods. There are 17 fundable neighbourhoods in Newark and Sherwood and you can access the fundable neighbourhood map here: https://www.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk/apply-for-funding/healthregard

    We also support applications from communities of interest, who may live in a wider area. By this we mean a group of people who have things in common and wish to come together to address something that is important to them. For example:

    The deadline for Stage 1 applications is Wednesday 26th October at 1pm. The Stage 1 form consists of four short questions, and groups can apply on the website here: http://www.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk/apply-for-funding.

    If you think that a group is a community of interest, they should ring us on 0207 749 9100 to get a form.