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    9 June 2017

    FareShare: Free Surplus Food Collections From Tesco

    We are looking for charities and not-for-profit community groups who could collect free surplus food from a local Tesco store every week.

    The main types of food an organisation would receive would be bakery and fruit & veg, and more occasionally eggs and other longer-life items.

    We have already been running the scheme for over a year with larger Tesco Extra stores, and now we are introducing the scheme in smaller Tesco Express stores as well.

    For example, the Tesco Express stores in Balderton, Rainworth and Blidworth are looking for charities who could collect free food.


    Here is how it works:

    What’s new?

    FareShare FoodCloud is a new scheme which helps charities and community groups like you to access the free, unsold, surplus food from a day’s sales at your local Tesco supermarket. Using the simple mobile technology FoodCloud, we have already helped many UK charity groups to access hundreds of tonnes of fresh, good quality, free food. We want you to benefit too.

    Fareshare collection

    How does it work?

    1. You nominate one or two days per week you are available to collect surplus food from your local Tesco store.
    2. On those evenings at 7:30pm, you will be notified via text that your donation is available for collection.
    3. The fresh surplus food will be packaged and available to collect from the store from 8:30pm that evening, or from 7-10am the next morning.
    4. We are happy to say, this will always be a FREE of charge service to our charity partners.


    FareShare currently redistributes surplus food to over 6,000 charities like you, together serving over 28 million meals last year. We want to work with you on this new project to make an even bigger difference to vulnerable people across the UK.

    If you would like more information about the scheme, please contact Chris Allen on 07572 228095, by email chris.allen@fareshare.org.uk, or Tony Yorke on 07572 228271, by email tony.yorke@fareshare.org.uk