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    12 June 2017

    Friends Against Scams for Group Organisations

    Friends Against Scams logoFriends Against Scams

    A National Trading Standards Scams Team Initiative.


    Are you involved with:

     Consumers lose £5-£10 billion to scams each year!

    Friends Against Scams aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities and groups to.

     Take a Stand Against Scams!

    Anyone can become a victim of a scam, but it is particularly relevant for groups who might have any vulnerable people attending, such as older people or adults with learning difficulties.

    We have trained tutors who can deliver a short session to your group aimed at helping people to protect themselves with better knowledge and awareness, to keep them from becoming victims of scams.

    If you would like a free session booking for your group, either at a local library, or you can offer us your venue for free, please contact us on any of the details below and we can arrange it for you, subject to tutor availability.

     To book or for a chat contact us:

    Inspire Culture on 01623 476830,  

    Email class@inspireculture.org.uk 

    Website www.inspireculture.org.uk/community