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    Services and projects

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    Newark & Sherwood CVS (N&SCVS) is an established and proven provider of services to local communities.

    For over 30 years, N&SCVS has established all the elements necessary to support the development and growth of communities through the delivery of a range of integrated services and projects. As an Infrastructure organisation, we continue to meet our core strategic aim to improve the quality of life for people living in the Newark and Sherwood area, and make the district a great place to live.

    Our mission is to help create, develop and support a robust, sustainable, thriving and empowered community and voluntary sector across the district.

    We provide and deliver a range of core and community-based activities and services:

    • Door to Door – a volunteer-led scheme that provides social transport, offering people who are isolated or live in rural areas the opportunity to attend social and leisure activities
    • Volunteering – an accredited (VCQA) volunteer centre providing:
      • Online database of volunteering opportunities – matching organisations and volunteers
      • Resources for volunteers – handbook, leaflets etc. 
      • Support to local organisations around volunteer recruitment, management, training, stewardship, reward & recognition, and guidance on best practice
    • Community engagement & development – providing advice and development support to community and voluntary sector organisations, around creation, governance, finance and funding. Engaging and involving communities around health and local health care services
    • Ollerton Project – community engagement and development support 
    • Community networks & forums – development and facilitation of community networks and cross-sector collaboration with statutory service providers. Ensuring the needs of communities are understood and the voice of the sector is heard
    • Phoenix Project – provides support to our local communities following the Covid-19 outbreak. This includes: Communication and support to groups who are digitally excluded, Volunteering and information and support services for groups
    • Training – a range of training opportunities 
    • Listening Line – a new telephone support service, developed in response to an identified, unmet need during the Covid-19 crisis.