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    Door to Door Service

    Lucy Fountain – Transport Coordinator
    Mobile: 07468 923254

    Image shows a close up of someone driving a car. they have their hands on the wheel.

    About the service

    Door2Door provides transport using our volunteer drivers (in their own vehicle) to appointments and social activities across Newark and Sherwood.

    How we work with you

    • Clients register annually with Door2Door and pay a mileage charge to the driver, to cover fuel costs thereafter
    • Drivers are volunteers who have their own cars and must provide detailed information, as well as undergoing checks
    • Volunteer drivers are recruited across the whole district to enable Door2Door to meet the needs of the whole community
    • Clients can book trips to social occasions such as community clubs, support groups, leisure activities or visiting friends/family
    • Clients can also use Door2Door to travel to appointments at doctors, dentists, opticians and other community-based health settings.


    Door2Door helps people in the community who have difficulty accessing affordable transport. The service is available to anyone over 60 or with a disability (permanent or temporary) living in the Newark and Sherwood district.

    Or you can contact us on 01636 611220 to request a form by post.  Telephone lines are open 8am- 12pm, Mon/Tues and there is an answerphone outside of these hours.



    Door2Door reserves the right to refuse transport for any individual whose behaviour, either by word or actions, may be considered detrimental to the comfort and wellbeing of the driver and any passengers. Any verbal or physical abuse towards staff or volunteers will not be tolerated.