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    Phoenix Project

    Phoenix is a new Lottery funded project that provides support to our local communities following the Covid-19 outbreak. The project has three programmes of work; Communication and Digital landscape, Volunteering and Information and Support Services for community and voluntary groups. Below are some of the key activities and initiatives we aim to deliver.

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    Communication & Digital

    • Website development – to include resources, such as toolkits and online learning & training
    • Promote and facilitate online community development – forums, networks, connecting people and creating online communities 
    • Facilitate telephone-based services, to enable groups and individuals that cannot access the internet or do not have the necessary skills
    • Expand and develop communication channels and information support services – Zoom, What’s App and webinars.


    • Develop a virtual volunteer centre and digitised volunteering services
    • Pop-up clinics – to be delivered remotely or online 
    • Provide volunteering support for groups and organisations 
    • Develop community-based lead volunteers for community development and delivery of services.

    Group Information & Support

    • Re-engage with groups – identify recovery, organisational development and support needs
    • Enable groups to recover, rebuild and future-proof through digital enablement and skills 
    • Develop and test new methods of engagement and co-production 
    • Peer to Peer support – enabling and empowering communities 
    • Enable groups to develop new or alternative activities.