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    There are a fantastic range of volunteering roles available in Newark and Sherwood. You may make new friends, find new experiences and learn new skills. Whatever you get involved in you will be making a positive contribution to your local community. The voluntary sector cannot function without volunteers like you! To get involved start browsing opportunities here: https://notts.getvolunteering.co.uk/

    Image shows four young people in a field, with their arms in the air making a heart sign with their hands.

    Willem Lewis-Henderson Volunteer Coordinator

    Telephone: 01636 679539

    Volunteering is at the heart of our organisation. Encouraging and promoting voluntary activity is a fundamental to our work and one of our core functions. We work with a wide variety of voluntary organisations across Nottinghamshire, and host a Volunteer Coordinators network for those managing or working with volunteers.

    We are also an accredited Volunteer Centre, providing information, advice and support to volunteers, helping individuals to access volunteering opportunities and brokering roles for other organisations.