Are you, or is someone you know, looking after someone who relies on you for help, care and support?

With an ageing population it is likely that many people will, at some point, be called upon to care for an older, disabled or seriously ill family member or friend.  Family and friends provide invaluable support and care by looking after their loved ones, and the amount of help and support provided can vary, depending on the person’s needs.

You might be looking after a seriously ill or disabled parent, child or friend.  Your age – and the age of the person you look after – doesn’t matter.

If you look after somebody, then take a look at our Information for Carers and our Resources for Carers.

Newark & Sherwood CVS has a long-standing role and reputation of supporting and working with local carers’ organisations and groups.

During 2016/17 we had a short term project through which we worked closely with local community and health services to help them become more carer aware.  Visit our Carer Friendly Communities Project page to find out more about this.  Following the end of the project, we continue to work closely with health and social care colleagues on this really important issue.